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The National Flute Association Flute Clubs Committee seeks to foster a sense of community and engage flutists of all levels by serving as a liaison to and providing resources for all flute organizations, clubs, and choirs.


Flute Choir Repertoire Database

The NFA Flute Clubs Committee (FCC) is developing an online database for flute choir repertoire and they need your help! The new Selected Flute Choir Repertoire Guide will feature a list of selected flute choir works for reference and a more detailed list of works that are submitted by members, composers, and publishers. Submitted works will be reviewed by the Flute Clubs and Pedagogy Committees and assigned an appropriate pedagogical level. We are accepting submissions for works with 5 or more flute parts (must also include low flutes) from now through May 31.

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The Flute Clubs Committee is committed to providing resources for NFA members who participate in local and regional flute organizations. Some of the events we have hosted include:

Thinking Big: Expanding the Flute Repertoire - NFA Virtual Convention, 2021

Has your flute organization ever wanted to commission a new work to expand the flute repertoire? Have you ever wanted to approach a composer to discuss a potential collaboration but not known where to start? In this interactive session, a team of composers will discuss important considerations for flute organizations that would like to commission new music for their members and ensembles and shed some light on the process. This moderated panel will guide attendees through the entire process of commissioning new works and will answer questions that every organization is thinking but is afraid to ask! This event will feature composers Nicole Chamberlain, Amanda Harberg, and Judy Nishimura.

Building Community Through Online Events - NFA Online Event, 2020

A panel of flute club leaders from across the country discussed what their organizations have done to build community online during challenging times. Panelists discussed what has worked for their flute clubs, how they have adapted to an online-only format, and lessons they have learned along the way. Speakers included Jeffrey Beyer, Mariana Gariazzo, Rose Johnson, Brian Luce, and Sarah Shin.


Bringing Your Flute Club into the 21st Century - NFA Summer Series, 2020

In this online presentation, a panel of experts provided information and tips along with supplemental materials to help clubs make informed decisions regarding their digital footprint. Topics covered included website-building, email services, membership database services, web payment options, social media outlets, and digital submissions for competition recordings. After a video presentation, attendees were encouraged to ask questions of the panelists and were empowered to embrace technological options to advance the growth of their organizations. Presenters included Gianna Capobianco, Hilary Janysek, Ellen Johnson Mosley, Melissa Keeling, Julee Kim Walker, Sydnee Stein, and Susan Todenhoft.

Committee Chat - NFA Summer Series, 2020

Members of the NFA Flute Clubs Committee hosted an informal chat for members to talk about their regional flute clubs/choirs and how they were handling the impacts of COVID-19 on performances and other events. This session provided a space for members of regional flute clubs across the nation to meet, discuss, and share ideas for remaining connected during this unprecedented time.

Striking the Right Chord: Crafting Dynamic Flute Choir Arrangements - NFA Convention, Salt Lake City, 2019 

In this interactive session, a team of flute choir composers and arrangers discussed important considerations and solutions to common pitfalls when arranging music for flute ensembles. This moderated panel guided attendees through topics including how to select pieces for flute choir arrangements, how to commission an arrangement for your ensemble, how to orchestrate effectively, how to publish flute choir arrangements, and common copyright issues arrangers should consider. At the end of panel, the experts met individually with audience members for mini-mentoring sessions to tackle specific problems in their flute choir arrangements. Moderated by Kelly Sulick, this session featured panelists Nicole Chamberlain, Daniel Dorff, Matt Johnston, Daniel Kessner, and Phyllis Avidan Louke. 




How to Start a Flute Club - NFA Convention, Salt Lake City, 2019 

A group of panelists discussed how to start a flute club or flute choir, guiding attendees through the daunting but rewarding work of beginning their own flute organization. Several experienced flute club leaders and founders addressed questions related to the formation of flute organizations. Moderated by Erica Pirtle from the NFA Flute Clubs Committee, this session featured panelists Kathy Farmer (Atlanta Flute Club), Penny Fischer (founder of the Flute Society of Washington), Alina Osika (webmaster and member of the Utah Flute Association), and Mihoko Watanabe (Indiana Flute Club). 


Building a Stronger Flute Club - NFA Convention, Orlando, 2018 

Panelists discussed how flute clubs and choirs can improve their organizations through crafting innovative programs, recruiting diverse membership, hosting interactive events, and utilizing social media to expand their reach. Panelists included Heidi Alvarez, Katherine Borst-Jones, Cindy Bruce, Linda Mintener, Ellen Johnson Mosley, Linsday Leach-Sparks, Erica Pirtle, and Rosene Rohrer.


Flute Clubs Mixer - NFA Convention, Orlando, 2018 

This informal mixer allowed regional flute club/choir members to gather, network, chat about their experiences with their own regional clubs while forming connections with other flute groups.

Flute Choir Tune Up with Wendy Kumer and Pat George - NFA Convention, Minneapolis, 2017

In this fun and informative interactive workshop, Wendy Kumer and Pat George helped flutists explore and discover tips and techniques to help their flute choirs play in perfect harmony.


  • Directory of Flute Clubs, Choirs, and Bands
    • Looking for a group to join in your area? The Directory of Flute Clubs, Choirs, and Bands provides local organizations to get connected with. If you'd like your organization added to this list, or if you'd like to request an update to an existing listing, send an email to committee member Debbie Gilbert.
  • "Bringing Your Flute Club into the 21st Century" video presentation (from the 2020 NFA Summer Series):