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Pedagogy Committee

The NFA Pedagogy Committee was formed to assist teachers of the flute at all levels in their quest for pedagogical excellence. To that end, the Pedagogy Committee has sponsored the publication of scholarly documents, including The Flutist's Guide: A Pedagogy Anthology, Vol. 1, 1998 and Vol. 2, 2012, as well as a series of graded repertoire and studies guides (published 2001, 2005, 2009, and 2021). The committee also strives to present a variety of informative and inspirational sessions at the annual convention. In recent years, the committee has instituted a Teachers’ Breakfast and High School Masterclass; both have become flagship pedagogical sessions held each year.

Committee members:

Cassandra Eisenreich, Chair
Korinne Smith
Timothy Hagen
Rebecca Johnson
Christina Ballatori
Jennifer Parker- Harley 
Helen Blackburn
Irene Pruzan