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Call for Submissions

In 2000, the NFA’s Pedagogy Committee put together the first version of what is now known as Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies: A Graded Guide, which was last published and updated in 2009. This guide is meant to provide similar curriculum guidance that is part of national syllabus and examinations systems in some countries. It can serve as a method for discovering new pieces that will be the right level for a certain student, since many of us as flute teachers must teach a much larger variety of repertoire than we’ve actually played ourselves.


The 2009 edition includes the mission to select “the best instructional materials for the flute and the classification of these materials according to predetermined and progressively leveled criteria, useful for students from first notes through professional level training. . .At every turn we demanded that each work selected fulfill both criteria:  that each work considered by us, from our daily experience in the studio, be the best of the available teaching materials, and be a work which we genuinely love and use in our own teaching.”


There are four categories of graded materials: Selected Repertoire, Selected Etudes, Selected Methods, and Selected Daily Studies.  


Though this update has been on the minds of the Pedagogy Committee for a few years, the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged the formation a large task force, which includes members of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the New Music Advisory Committee, and the Pedagogy Committee, along with a few other experienced pedagogues. The group is hoping to add more diversity to the composers represented in all levels of repertoire and studies, looking for high quality pieces and methods to augment the list, as well as adding some newer publications, making the offerings more current. The group will aim to keep the curated collection manageable, but also something easily searched by country and demographics to help people choose the right piece for a student’s needs. From this point forward, the goal is to update the guide every two years.


Here is a link to the current guide:


If you have a piece, collection, or method book you would like to recommend for the task force to consider, please use the google form included below by July 24, 2020



  1. Must be for solo C flute (unaccompanied, flute with keyboard accompaniment, flute with electronics, and solos for one player doubling with other flutes are all acceptable).
  2. Must be published and available.
  3. Must be published prior to December 31, 2017.


The task force welcomes your submissions through this form:


Thank you for your time and consideration in helping us with this important project. Please share widely.