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Haynes 1961 C Flute

Jun 18, 2019
1961 William S. Haynes Solid Silver Flute - Close Hole. Haynes Flute #302xx. This is the regular model in solid silver. It was made in 1961 - during the "classic" or "golden age" of the William S. Haynes Company (pre-1970). Was overhauled a few years ago - still in very good shape. Beautiful sound - a beautiful instrument! It has drawn tone holes, y-arms, C foot and plateau cups (closed keys). Plays with good intonation and a lovely warm tone.

Type of instrument : C Flute
Maker : Haynes
Model : Solid Silver Close Hole
Year Made : 1961
Serial Number : 302xx
Price : $2200

Contact First Name : Mark
Contact Last Name : Pope
Contact Email Address :
Contact Phone Number : 214.289.3580