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2024 Convention Program Book

A physical program book will be made available to all guests at check-in. Please be mindful of schedule changes - check the Convention Guidebook App or the Addenda (below) for the most up-to-date schedule. 

Download the 2024 Program Book (pdf)  

Special thanks to the NFA proofreading team for their work on this year's bios and repertoire guides: 
Convention Program Book: Karissa Krenz (Editor), Ewa Mobus (Art Director)
Convention Program Bios: Lisa Van Dusen (Editor)
Proofreaders: Barbra Fairman, Toni French, Linda Kirkpatrick, Noah Pool
Guidebook App Editor: Aydan Hensley
Repertoire Guide (Convention Sessions): Tanner Harrod
Repertoire Guide (Flute Ensemble Festival): Prepared by Dan Parasky

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Any changes made to convention programming after the publication of the 2024 program book will be listed below:


9:45 AM — High School Soloist Competition — Yazhuo Zhang is the correct spelling of this competitors name. 

10:00 AM — Performance Health Care Committee: Movement Exploration - Chair Yoga — The title of this event has been updated to "Performance Health Care Committee: Movement Exploration - Gentle Yoga".

1:15 PM — Convention Performers and Newly Published Music Concert — The first piece on the program has been changed to Kristin Stoner's Sonata for Flute and Piano (1. Mother and Child, 2. The Scream, 3. Starry Night, 4. Persistence) published by ALRY.

2:15 PM — Vanguardia! I — Alumbramiento for Flute and Piano by Ronaldo Miranda has been removed from the program. 

2:30 PM — Myrna Brown International Scholarship Winner Concert — This event has been cancelled.

4:30 PM — Play from Marcel Moyse's Most Famous Books with Julia Bogorad-Kogan —  This event has been from Friday to Thursday. It will occur at 4:30 PM in room 209.

4:30 PM — The New Americans I —

  • The work Credo by Heeyoung Yang is for flute and piano not solo flute. Beilin Han will be the pianist. 
  • Marco Granados and ensemble will no longer be performing Quinteto del Pájaro by Paul Desenne.
  • The program order has been updated. The performers will appear in the following order: Ingrid McDuffee, Delara Hashemi, Duo Flautas Frescas, Lisa Bost-Sandberg, Aaron Goldman.

6:00 PM — Exhibitors’ Concert — Janelle Janovich will also be performing on flute with PremAligner in this concert. 



9:00 AM — Performance Health Care Committee Focal Dystonia Meet-up — This is a new event. Room 305 from 9:00 - 10:00 AM.

9:00 AM — Orchestral Audition and Masterclass with Mark Sparks — Tessa Vermeulen is replacing Martha Long as a judge for the Orchestral Audition & Masterclass competition.

9:00 AM — C.R.E.A.T.E. Project Competition — Maria Fernanda Guglielmina is replacing Erin Torres as a judge for the CREATE Project Competition. 

10:00 AM — Music, Arts, & Letters — 

  • The flutists in the Areon Flutes ensemble include Jill Heinke Moen, Tamara Maddaford, and Meerenai Shim.
  • Sueños de Chambi by Gabriela Frank will no longer be performed.
  • The movements for Musique Française by Gary Schocker are entitled: 1. Café Music, 2. Chanson, 3. Dans Le Pays

11:15 PM — Exhibitor Showcase: The Abell Flute Co. — The descriptive title of this event is "The Abell Whistle Headjoint for the Boehm-System Flute"

12:30 PM — Voice of an American Master: A Tribute George Crumb — 

  • The program order has been updated placing Lux Aeterna before Eleven Echoes of Autumn
  • Brittany Lopez will be the dancer for the work Lux Aeterna.

1:00 PM — Disabled and Adaptive Flutists Meet-up moderated by Katherine Lewis — This is a new event. It will be held virtually over zoom from 1:00 - 2:00 PM. 

1:30 PM — Principals of San Antonio — The below changes have been made to the program. 

  • Claude Arrieu's Sonatine will no longer be performed.
  • The first piece on the program will now be Four Pieces for Flute and Piano, (arr. Sparks) composed by Ottorini Respighi (1879-1936). It will be performed by Mark Sparks (flute) and Beilin Han (piano). 
  • An additional piece has been added and will be performed between the Telemann and the Tulve. It is Robert Schumann's (1810-1856) Adagio and Allegro. Op. 70, (arr. Sparks). It will be performed by Mark Sparks (flute) and Beilin Han (piano). 

4:30 PM — High School Masterclass with Soo-Kyung Park — Xu Minkai will not be performing. Alina Zhou will be performing the first movement of Jacques Ibert's (1890-1962) Concerto for flute.

4:30 PM — Play from Marcel Moyse's Most Famous Books with Julia Bogorad-Kogan — This event has been moved to Thursday at 4:30 PM in room 209.

5:00 PM — Annual Concert by the Historical Flutes Committee — The below changes have been made to the program.

  • Sonata No. 1 in C Major by Anna Bon tp be performed by Gwyn Roberts has been removed from the program.
  • Sonata in E minor by CPE Bach has been added to the program. It will be performed after the WF Bach Sonata by Teddie Hwang and Nadia Soree.
  • The Telemann Methodischen Sonaten in B Minor to be Jennie Oh Brown has been removed from the program.
  • The Telemann piece has been replaced by the Sonata in B minor by Johann Joachim Quantz. It will be performed by Jessica Schury and Nadia Soree.

6:15 PM — The Art and Craft of Composing for the Flute: Conversing with Composers — William Linthicum-Blackhorse has been added to the panel. 

8:00 PM — Palette de Flutes Gala — Matej Grahek will be performing the NFA Premiere of San Antonio Ride for flute solo by Gašper Muženič (1992) instead of Vito Žuraj's Tango for flute and piano.

10:15 PM — FluteCONNECT - Young Professionals MixerThis event will be at the Tributary Bar in the Marriott Rivercenter



10:00 AM — Brain Learning — The title of this event has been updated to "Speed up your Brain for Efficient Practice".

10:00 AM — Baroque & Romantic Nature — Peter Verhoyen will now be performing the below pieces with harpist Ann-Sofie Verhoyen in place of his previous repertoire. 

  • Sonata in D major K430 for piccolo and harp by Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757). 
  • The Cowherd and the weaver girl for piccolo and harp (2023) by Leanna Keith (b.1992).
  • Colori della Primavera for piccolo and harp (2024) by Robert Groslot (b. 1954).

10:15 AM — Asian Soundscape — Fantasy by Ting-Yi Ma will be performed before Variations on the Theme 18 Caresses by Ruei-Ran Wu.

12:15 PM — Flutes in Motion — Montañas by Julian Gutierrez Vinardell will no longer be performed. 

1:00 PM — Umoja Affinity Space — This is a new event that will be led by Jacqueline Cordova-Arrington from 1:00 - 2:00 PM in room 206 B.

2:15 PM — Around the World with a Flute III — 

  • The mariachi ensemble performing with Ben Carlee will be Mariachi Los Paisanos from The University of Texas San Antonio under the direction of Michael Acevedo. 
  • The pianist performing with Brianne Little will be Cara Chowning in place of Lim A. Tchoi.

2:30 PM — Trudy Kane Dedication Concert — The opening remarks will be given by Daniel Velasco in place of Joan Sparks. 

2:30 PM — Teaching Positively — The panelists for this session will be Nathalie Simper, Dan Parasky, and Hideko Amano.



9:00 AM — Junior Soloist Competition — Christine Beard is replacing Terri Sundberg as a judge for this competition.

9:45 AM — Be Your Own CEO — The panelists for this session will be Nathalie Simper, Heidi Kay Begay, and Soo Kung Park.

11:00 AM — The Special Publications Committee: Meet and Greet — This event has been cancelled.

11:15 AM — Exhibitor Showcase: Wessel Flutes — This events description is as follows:"Exploring the history and future of Wessel Flutes, the last British handmade flute maker. Under the supervision of Stephen Wessel himself, a new generation of flutemakers is carrying on his tradition."



Music & Arts — New Exhibitor. They can be found in booth #330. 

Texas Flute Guild — New Exhibitor. They can be found in booth #230. 

Dean Yang Flutes  New Exhibitor. They can be found in booth #230.