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The 2024 Flute Ensemble Festival


52nd Annual NFA Convention
San Antonio, TX
August 1-4, 2024

A flute choir performing
The application deadline for the 2024 Flute Ensemble Festival has passed.
Decision notifications were released via email on February 20th, 2024. If you applied and did not receive a notification email, please contact Daniel Pozzebon

About the Festival

The Festival will include featured performances such as pre-gala concerts, showcases and educational events. All ensembles will be anonymously adjudicated for placement within the Festival and events will be tailored to suit each ensemble. All Flute Ensemble Festival activities will take place at The Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, in 2024. If you want to submit a flute choir themed workshop or flute choir educational event, then please do so through the standard call for proposals due on October 1, 2023. This portal should be used for flute ensemble performance applications only. 

Mary H. Anderson Collegiate Flute Choir Award

The top-placed collegiate flute choir will receive the Mary H. Anderson Collegiate Flute Choir Award. The Award includes a grant of $1,000 to go toward convention registration for the flute choir, use of the Mary H. Anderson contrabass flute, a dedicated 25-minute concert, and the naming of the flute choir as the Mary H. Anderson Collegiate Flute Choir. This initiative is supported by the Mary H. Anderson Endowment Fund.


The 2024 Convention Themes


The 2024 Convention is themed Flauta Mundi: Global Voices of the Flute. This represents the global nature of our instrument, as further defined in three sub-themes:

Cultural Diversity: The Far Corners of the Flute

Represented historically across geographies, races, traditions, nationalities and styles, the flute is an instrument of rich diversity. By inviting proposals inclusive of wide-reaching repertoire, we strive to feature the broad cultural palate of our flute.

The Arts: Flute as a Collaborative Partner

Our flute’s multifaceted nature lends itself to collaboration with a wide variety of art forms. We seek proposals which explore this intersection, incorporating flute with every possible art medium. Performances and installations which employ partnership with other artists or feature multidisciplinary artist-flutists are encouraged.

Nature: Our Musical Connection

Throughout history, the flute has been a chosen instrument to draw us closer to nature. Emulating birdsong, the sounds of water and wind, and conjuring images of idyllic landscapes, the flute reconnects us with the natural world. We request proposals which highlight repertoire rooted in themes of nature.


Application process

The 2024 application has closed. This information is available for your reference.

All ensembles taking part in the Festival will be chosen through an application process. Applications will be anonymously reviewed to determine acceptance into and placement within the Festival. 

The NFA is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of all convention participants. Presenters whose proposals are accepted will be asked if they have accessibility needs as part of the session confirmation process so the NFA may provide the necessary support.

Please submit the following materials:

  • 2 separate works OR 2 movements of a single work that contrast with one another. 

  • Each work/movement must be more than 2 minutes and less than 5 minutes in length. A continuous excerpt from a work that is trimmed to 5 minutes is acceptable if a

    desired application selection is longer than 5 minutes when performed in its entirety. 

  • The two selections should be uploaded as separate sound files (mp3, mp4, wav, m4a, wma). You may use or trim an existing recording of your ensemble that was recorded after

    January 1, 2023. It is preferred that you use a sound file from a recording session or live performance that took place after July 31, 2023.)

  • Required: A 22-25 minute program of music. The program must fit within a 30-minute performance time slot that includes set-up, talking, and tuning.

    (refer to this Sample Program for formatting guidance).

Optional: include an expanded 45-50 minute program of music to be considered for a 60 minute performance time slot that includes set-up, talking and tuning. The longer program must include all of the music from the required shorter program.

Programs will not be allowed to change after submission unless the organizers have specific requests so please plan carefully. If you are including a world premiere, the timing of the new work must be included, but the title may be added later. Please review the 2024 program chair's vision for the 2024 convention and try to incorporate that with your programming selections.

Following is a list of additional items and information that will be required when submitting the application.

  • Personal information of submitter

  • Submitter must be an individual NFA member when the proposal is submitted.

  • Ensemble description/bio including location (city, state, country) and director(s) names if applicable

  • Applicable demographics

    • Youth (more than 75% younger than high school age)

    • High School (more than 75% high school students)

    • Collegiate (more than 75% college students)

    • Mixed ages

    • Adult (community, professional)

  • Repertoire information

    • Title of Composition

    • Composer’s Name

    • Composer’s Dates 

    • Opus No.

    • Publisher

    • Arranged by

    • Currently in print (yes/no)

    • World Premiere (yes/no)

    • Titles of Movements

    • Timing of Composition (Use mm:ss format. Please do NOT estimate!)

  • Ensemble description/bio for Program Book

    • 300-character (including spaces and punctuation) bio

    • Bios should begin with the ensemble’s name and use full sentences, not lists.

    • Bios can be a maximum of 300 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

    • Do not include review quotes or adjectives.

    • Use postal abbreviations for states.

    • Spell out school names and use “Univ.” for “University.”

  • Formatted Versions of your program(s) in performance order with a roster of flute ensemble members. If your application is accepted, the roster may be resubmitted

    between April 1–April 30, 2024.