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Call For Gala Concerto Proposals



Flauta Mundi: Global Voices of the Flute

52nd Annual National Flute Association Convention

San Antonio, Texas 
August 1-4, 2024


2024 Gala Concerto Proposals

Deadline: May 12 at 11:59 PM Central US Time

The 2024 Program Chair, Alberto Almarza, and Assistant Program Chair, Sarah Shin, are now welcoming all concerto proposals. Special consideration will be given to concertos matching or closely related to the three main themes for this convention: 

Cultural Diversity: The Far Corners of the Flute

Represented historically across geographies, races, traditions, nationalities and styles, the flute is an instrument of rich diversity. By inviting proposals inclusive of wide-reaching repertoire, we strive to feature the broad cultural palate of our flute.

The Arts: Flute as a Collaborative Partner

Our flute’s multifaceted nature lends itself to collaboration with a wide variety of art forms. We seek proposals which explore this intersection, incorporating flute with every possible art medium. Performances and installations which employ partnership with other artists or feature multidisciplinary artist-flutists are encouraged.

Nature: Our Musical Connection

Throughout history, the flute has been a chosen instrument to draw us closer to nature. Emulating birdsong, the sounds of water and wind, and conjuring images of idyllic landscapes, the flute reconnects us with the natural world. We request proposals which highlight repertoire rooted in themes of nature.

Please see the 2024 Call for Proposals Flyer for more specific information about these themes. Special consideration will also be given to shorter works (e.g. 7’ to 10’) with chamber or string orchestra, concertos written for flute ensemble (with chamber or string orchestra), and works that feature improvisation (e.g. jazz; samba, world-music). Flexibility of orchestration may be a consideration.

Please submit a video or audio link (e.g. YouTube, Spotify, website) of a performance of the concerto. If you are not the soloist in this performance, please submit a representative audio or video sample of your performance of a work in a similar style. Please also submit a score of the concerto.

If the work has not yet been performed, please submit a digital audio file of the piece, as well as a representative audio or video sample of your playing.

Not: you MUST hold an NFA membership to submit a proposal. Learn more about becoming an NFA member

Submission Info:
  • Step 1: Submit a Concerto Proposal Form. Following submission, you will receive an email with your proposal number.
  • Step 2: Submit a Concerto Works Form. A convention proposal number is required in order to fill out this form! You will not receive a confirmation email after you submit this form.
  • Step 3: In your confirmation email from your Concerto Proposal form, there will be a link to upload all materials to BOX.

Please watch the step-by-step tutorial below on how to submit your concerto proposal for 2024. If you have any questions, email Mily Harrod, Membership Manager,



2024 Program Team

Alberto Almarza
Alberto Almarza

2024 Program Chair

Sarah Shin
Sarah Shin

2024 Assistant Program Chair