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The 2023 Convention Intern Application

Convention Interns will have the opportunity to learn about the National Flute Association during the four exciting days of the annual convention. The interns will work hands-on with the equipment chair, convention director, communications manager, and membership manager and will receive behind-the-scenes experience while at the convention. You can gain valuable work experience while enjoying flute music from around the world!

Before beginning your application, please see the Internships webpage for full details and requirements. 


Education Information

Convention Questions & Short Answer

Have you served as an intern at two or more NFA Conventions?

If none, type N/A

What area(s) of work at the convention are you interested in?
Your Cover Letter
Your Resume


If you are a flute student, include your current flute professor. Include the name, phone number, and email address of each reference.

Include their name, phone number, and email

Include their name, phone number, and email

Letter of Recommendation

Please submit a letter of recommendation from a current professor. If you are a flute student, the letter should be from your primary flute professor. The letter should address your work ethic, level of maturity and your ability to work successfully in a professional work environment.

If preferred, your professor may email the letter of recommendation directly to our Office & Convention Associate, Aydan Hensley at

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