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C.R.E.A.T.E. Project Competition

Next Steps for the C.R.E.A.T.E. Project Competition

Entrants will be notified by Thursday, April 30, 2020 of the judges' decisions. The four finalists chosen to advance will present their project during a final round at the 2021 NFA Convention in Washington, D.C.

Please contact coordinator Michelle Stanely with any questions you may have.

The biennial C.R.E.A.T.E. Project Competition (formerly known as the Arts Venture Competition) is designed
to reward new thinking and viable, innovative ideas. The new title, Creating Resources through Engagement,
Artistry, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurship, encourages flutists to take concrete steps toward giving their
ideas life.

The competition seeks projects that approach performance and education in a new way (often through
collaboration with communities or other genres or media). Examples of projects that are well suited for the
C.R.E.A.T.E Project Competition include, but are not limited to, collaboration with community arts
organizations, an online course, a series of performances, an outreach program, etc. Finalists' projects will
demonstrate creativity, added value to the flute, and greater musical communities, as well as potential for
long-term success.

Entrants may be individuals or teams of up to three people. Teams must include at least one flutist. Entrants
are expected to submit multimedia materials that display the full scope of the project, including what has
already been accomplished as well as projected goals and successes. Submitted materials may include video
(no more than three minutes in length), audio, informational graphics, and documents. All entries must
include a current and projected budget, and indication of any outside grant sources or awards.

Four finalists will attend the 2020 NFA Convention to give a 15-minute presentation summarizing their proposed
project to a panel of judges. Finalists will be expected to present a budget and supporting materials on the
first day of the convention for the judges to study in advance of their presentations. The winner or winning
team will be awarded a $2,000 project grant. The winner must submit a report documenting how the grant
funds were allocated. The winner will also be required to present a report of their project at the following
year's convention as part of the Career and Artistic Development Committee's MiniConference.

Competition Requirements*

  • NFA membership - all flutists must be current NFA members at the time the entry is submitted (; membership is not required for non-flutist composers.
    Flutists chosen to perform or present at the convention must also be current members at the time of the convention and must register for the convention by July 1, 2020. Membership and convention registration is not required for non-flutist composers.
  • Completed entry
  • Uploaded files
  • $55 entry fee (paid during submission process)

All entrants must submit their entry, upload recordings/supplemental materials, and pay competition and membership fees by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Tuesday, February 18, 2020.


* Competitions are subject to all rules and regulations on this page as well as the 2020 General Competition Information and Rules and Regulations. Incomplete entries will be subject to disqualification.


Michelle Stanley