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Internships at the NFA

Application closed: Intern Applications were due on Friday, March 29th at 11:59pm Central US Time. Please contact Aydan Hensley with any questions. 

NFA internships are a great opportunity for undergraduate or graduate students to gain valuable experience in arts nonprofit administration and operations. The NFA offers a fun, supportive environment for interns to build skills and explore career opportunities in the music world and beyond.

In 2024, the NFA will offer Convention Internships for the San Antonio convention (August, 2024).

Please direct any questions or concerns to our Office & Convention Associate, Aydan Hensley

Convention Internships (July 30 - Aug. 4, 2024)

Convention internships are available to U.S. or international students who can work at the annual NFA convention. Convention interns will have the opportunity to learn about the National Flute Association during the four exciting days of the annual convention. The interns will work hands-on with the equipment chair, convention director, communications manager, and membership manager and will receive behind-the-scenes experience while at the convention. Students will gain valuable work experience while enjoying flute music from around the world. The NFA offers three types of convention internships:

  • Equipment internships—Take on the important role of making sure rooms are effectively set up so the musical magic can commence.
  • Registration internships—Assist attendees with registration when they first check in to the convention.
  • Social media internships—Help document the many festivities going on at the convention and create content for official NFA social media channels.

Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students. Music students, including composition students, flute students, and arts administration students are especially encouraged to apply. Students may be beginning college in the fall of 2024 or may have just graduated in the spring of 2024. They do not need to have attended an NFA convention in the past; they must, however, hold current membership in the National Flute Association. Residents of any state can apply.

Previous interns who have worked two or more NFA conventions are not eligible to apply in 2024.


  1. Convention interns must be available on site from Tuesday, July 30 at 12:00 p.m. to Sunday, August 4 at 10:00 p.m. Convention interns will be on call from approximately 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. of each day. Applicants who are not available for the entire duration are ineligible. However, shifts will be assigned.
  2. Applicants should exhibit an extremely high work ethic as demonstrated by grade point average, letter of recommendation, and work experience.
  3. Applicants must have the ability to lift 25 pounds or more.
  4. Applicants must submit the Application Form with:
    1. A one-page cover letter (or 400-word maximum statement) that includes the following:
      • The skills and experience you have that would contribute to the successful completion of this internship and to the success of the convention.
      • What you hope to accomplish by doing this internship and how the internship would enhance your studies and career.
      • Your strongest skills and attributes (such as people skills, communication, or being organized) besides your flute skills?
    2. Resume
    3. Letter of Recommendation from a current college professor. If the applicant is a music major, then this letter should be from their current flute professor. Letters of recommendation may be submitted through the Application Form or sent directly to the Office and Convention Associate, Aydan Hensley via email:

Final selections will be made after a round of video interviews. Applicants will be required to sign a letter of intent and will be provided with regular updates and pertinent information regarding the position.

Additional information:
Interns will be able to attend sessions at the convention; shifts will be assigned to enable students to attend concerts, workshops, and the exhibit hall. However, students who are "on call" should be available to leave a session if there is an immediate need.

Interns will be given complimentary convention registration. Interns who are not based in the San Antonio area will be provided with a shared guest room at the convention hotel for the duration of the convention (double occupancy). Interns will have the opportunity to gain work experience in the field of music; they will get to network with the greatest flutists, composers, and pedagogues from all over the world. Internships are unpaid. 


Quotes from our Interns


"Interning for the NFA office showed me all the work that goes into music administration and has inspired me to pursue this as a career. The work our organization does for the flute community is so valuable." –Aydan Hensley, Office Intern

“What made my internship so fantastic was how fulfilling it was to be so closely involved with the workings of the NFA. My time with the NFA was truly a fun experience, and I’m so glad I had the chance to contribute to the organization!” –Lisa Meyerhofer, Office Intern

"Being an intern at the NFA convention this past summer was extremely fun and educational. Working with the administration and seeing what goes on behind the scenes was a very valuable experience to have as a flute player, especially because of the connections I was able to make. Overall, I had an absolute blast, and encourage interested flutists to apply!" –Alexandria Hoffman, Convention Intern

"The people I met at the convention were my favorite part of my experience as an intern. Had I not done the Convention Internship I would not have had such a great opportunity to network with other flutists who are studying at university or with world-class flutists and professors...If you are an aspiring flutist (as a performer or educator), I wholeheartedly recommend applying to become a convention intern." –Eden Miller, Convention Intern