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Call For Proposals


49th Annual NFA Convention 

Call for Concerto Proposals

Washington, D.C.

August 12–15, 2021

The National Flute Association is returning to Washington, D.C., site of the popular 2015 convention! The official call for proposals will be shared this summer, but you are now invited to submit proposals for the Gala Concerto Concert, held August 14, 2021. 

The 2021 NFA convention program chair, Ali Ryerson, welcomes all concerto proposals. Special consideration will be given to shorter works (7’ to 10’) with chamber or string orchestra, concertos written for flute ensemble (with chamber or string orchestra), and works that feature improvisation (e.g. jazz; samba, world-music). Flexibility of orchestration may be a consideration.

Please submit a video or audio link (e.g. YouTube, Spotify, website) of a performance of the concerto. If you are not the soloist in this performance, please submit a representative audio or video sample of your performance of a work in a similar style.

If the work has not yet been performed, please submit a digital audio file of the piece (e.g. MP3), as well as a representative audio or video sample of your playing. Applicants are also required to submit a PDF of the score. Proposals submitted without the score or a recording will not be considered.


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Please follow this link to access the proposal form.


Gala Concerto proposals for the 2021 convention must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, February 3, 2020.

The NFA looks forward to hearing from you!

—Ali Ryerson
2021 Program Chair,

—Deborah MacMurray
2021 Assistant Program Chair,