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Revisiting Foundations in Tone and Finger Technique

This workshop will provide participants with efficient and practical approaches to develop or rediscover foundations in tone and finger technique. As tone and technical practice are a significant part of a flutist’s musical endeavors, this session is designed to revitalize how flutists can explore these fundamentals and focus on them with concise and effective practice methods. It will be a multifaceted affair, including exercises; presentations of tools and techniques; play-along opportunities; time for reflection, goal-setting, and routine-planning; and a Q and A session. 

Please Note: For the technique portion of the workshop, there will be moments for you to try the tools in the privacy of your space. I highly encourage you to bring a hard scale/technique pattern OR 1-3 measures of hard passage in an etude or piece so you can explore them and ask any questions.

NFA Long-tones-SN     Brinkmann 7 Tools Method

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James Brinkmann
Stefania Neumann
James Brinkmann RESIZEDStefania Neumann