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Diving into Low Flutes - Buying, Building & Beatboxing with the Low Flutes Committee

Ready to dive into the Low Flutes' waters? Join us for tips on purchasing your first low flute, building a flute choir and finding the funds for the low instruments. We aren't only the bass section of the pool but can have fun with our sounds by creating beatboxing splashes! You are invited to play-along with the pros on new pieces and arrangements for these beautiful low-tide instruments! Please print out the music in advance. All playing levels and all types of low flutes are welcome to dive-in for this fun and informative event. Don’t have a low flute handy? Grab your concert flute and play the bass flute part. Don't be afraid to "get your feet wet" and join us this Spring!

Please print out the music in advance!
Alto Flute Packet
Bass/Contra/C Flute Packet

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Nicole Chamberlain
Paige Dashner Long
Judy Diez d'Aux
Laura Gustavsen
Dorli McWayne