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Introduction to Estill Voice Training for Flute Players

Virtual Event

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It is often said that flute players can improve their playing by learning about singing, but what does that mean? What are the similarities between singing and playing the flute and what are the differences? How can learning more about the voice enhance your flute playing and help your vocal health? This fun, interactive workshop aims to begin to demystify the voice for flute players in the context of Estill Voice Training, a scientific approach with emphasis on training structures of the voice in isolation for maximum artistic freedom. Stefan Holmström has created and developed this innovative workshop from his unique perspective as a classical flute player, professional opera singer and Estill Master Trainer. The information presented in this session complements traditional teaching of the flute by empowering flute players with practical knowledge of the voice.
£75 (Early bird: £65 if you book before 31 March 2023)