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Jazz Flute Big Band Audition

This competition will next be held at the 2025 NFA Convention.

The biennial Jazz Flute Big Band Audition will select a minimum of 18 players (sections consisting of C flute/double on piccolo (optional), alto, bass, and contrabass flutes) to perform with a rhythm section consisting of piano, bass, and drums at the 2025 NFA Convention in Atlanta. A select group of soloists will be chosen from the winning entrants to be featured on improvised solos for the performance. Entrants may play either piccolo, C flute, alto flute, or bass flute on their recordings. Audition repertoire should be played with a play-along recording (i.e., Aebersold, Band-in-a-Box, iRealb).

Players who have previously performed with the JFBB will automatically be invited to perform. However, everyone must submit an application and recording, for both placement and solo opportunities.

Competition Requirements*

  • All flutists must be current NFA members at the time the entry is submitted. If chosen to perform or present during the convention, flutists must also be current members at the time of the convention and register for the convention by July 1, 2025. To join or renew, go to
  • Completed entry
  • $65 entry fee (paid during submission process)

All entrants must submit their entry, upload recordings/supplemental materials, and pay competition and membership fees by 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time, date TBA.

Below is the repertoire list from the 2023 Jazz Flute Big Band Competition:

Recorded Round Repertoire

Each piece should be uploaded as a separate file in the following order. All uploaded files must be audio recordings. No videos are allowed.

  • Horace Silver, “Song for My Father”, from Horace Silver, Volume 17 (Jamey Aebersold Jazz)
  • Don Raye & Gene dePaul, “Star Eyes”, from Jam Session, Volume 34 (Jamey Aebersold Jazz)
  • Isham Jones, “There Is No Greater Love”, from Jam Session, Volume 34 (Jamey Aebersold Jazz)

All JFBB applicants are required to play the “head” (e.g., melody) of each piece from the audition repertoire. Applicants will be judged on their jazz style (e.g., swing feel, Latin feel, jazz concept). A small amount of melodic and rhythmic freedom may be taken while playing the “head” of each tune, if it contributes stylistically to the performance, but please keep in mind that the judges will be listening for a certain degree of accuracy. While allowing for some freedom, as is typical in jazz, the judges will need to ascertain your ability to play a written part accurately.

2 choruses on "Song for my Father" and 1 or 2 choruses on the other two audition pieces

To be considered as a soloist (playing an improvised solo) in the JFBB performance in August 2023, applicants are asked to improvise two choruses on “Song For My Father”, and one to two improvised choruses on “Star Eyes” and “There Is No Greater Love”.

Playing an out-head (melody) following an improvised is optional, not required. The same is true about playing a Coda. It is optional, not required.

For those not wishing to be considered as a soloist, only one-time through the head is required on “Star Eyes” and "There Is No Greater Love", and twice through the head on “Song For My Father”.

For those who include improvised solos in their recordings, even if they are not chosen as a soloist in the JFBB performance, they will still be considered to play in the JFBB.

* Competitions are subject to all rules and regulations on this page as well as the General Competition Information and Rules and Regulations. Incomplete entries will be subject to disqualification.

Artistic Coordinator

Yuko Hoshi

Operations Coordinator

Sanae Nakayama