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Call for Proposals

52nd Annual National Flute Association Convention

August 1-4, 2024

San Antonio, TX


Alberto Almarza

Alberto Almarza, Program Chair


Sarah Shin's professional headshot

Sarah Shin, Assistant Program Chair

2024 Convention Proposals

We are now accepting Proposals!
Deadline: October 2, 2023 at 11:59 Central US Time

Click Here to Submit a Proposal

The 2024 Program Chair, Alberto Almarza, and Assistant Program Chair, Sarah Shin, are now welcoming all convention proposals for the 2024 NFA Convention "Flauta Mundi: Global Voices of the Flute" in San Antonio, Texas. Special consideration will be given to proposals matching or closely related to the three main themes for this convention: 

Cultural Diversity: The Far Corners of the Flute

Represented historically across geographies, races, traditions, nationalities and styles, the flute is an instrument of rich diversity. By inviting proposals inclusive of wide-reaching repertoire, we strive to feature the broad cultural palate of our flute.

The Arts: Flute as a Collaborative Partner

Our fluteā€™s multifaceted nature lends itself to collaboration with a wide variety of art forms. We seek proposals which explore this intersection, incorporating flute with every possible art medium. Performances and installations which employ partnership with other artists or feature multidisciplinary artist-flutists are encouraged.

Nature: Our Musical Connection

Throughout history, the flute has been a chosen instrument to draw us closer to nature. Emulating birdsong, the sounds of water and wind, and conjuring images of idyllic landscapes, the flute reconnects us with the natural world. We request proposals which highlight repertoire rooted in themes of nature.

In addition to the above, and in further support of our vision, we will be offering an exciting, new opportunity to participate through pre-defined recitals.  We are seeking flutists to propose and perform repertoire suited for the following:

  • Homage to George Crumb: a selection of his soulful flute music
  • Romantic Nature: nature-inspired repertoire from the period
  • Contemporary Nature: nature-inspired repertoire from the music of today
  • The New Americans: music for the flute by immigrant composers
  • Flute and the Arts: showcasing collaboration with other art mediums
  • Vanguardia Latinoamericana: giving voice to the new repertoire of Latin America

Proposal Guidelines & Instructions 

As the largest annual flute event in the world, the National Flute Association Convention is the leading forum for flutists to share their talents, insights, and wisdom and to inspire one another. Proposals from our members make the convention possible each year, and the more diverse the offering of sessions, the more enriching the convention will be for the thousands of flutists who attend. Help us make our 52nd convention an unforgettable experience!

Proposals will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Solo Performance (flute alone; flute + 1 other performer, including keyboard, electronics, percussion, any other instrument)
  • Chamber Performance (groups of 3-5 players; includes mixed instruments, standard wind quintets, flute trios, etc. Note that a group of 5 or more flutes is considered a flute choir - see below) 
  • Workshop
  • Lecture
  • Lecture-Recital
  • Panel

For Flute Choirs (5+ flutes): Please note that all flute choir applications must be submitted via the Flute Ensemble Festival portal (available here - Submission Deadline is November 15th). A flute choir is defined as an ensemble of 5 or more flutes. Flute choir applications will not be accepted as part of the convention proposal process. Please also note that we are no longer accepting gala concerto proposals for the 2024 convention.

Performance Proposals: Preference is for a recording of the proposer performing the actual work/s being proposed. When this is not possible, an example in a comparable style, genre, or historical period would suffice. For premieres, or pieces not yet recorded, recordings of the composer's other works and/or PDFs of score may be included. 

Panel/Lectures/Workshops: May include detailed outlines, videos of prior presentations, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Be as detailed as possible. For panel proposals, it is recommended that panels consist of a moderator plus up to three additional panelists.

Performance Length: Sessions are typically 45-75 minutes long. The Program Chair may select individual pieces from your proposal and not the whole program. Providing accurate timings of each proposed piece is important.

Supplemental Material: Supplemental material may be uploaded directly or, preferably, linked to an online folder such as DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Access must be set so that anyone with a link can view the files.

Accessibility: The NFA is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of all convention participants. Presenters whose proposals are accepted will be asked if they have accessibility needs as part of the session confirmation process so the NFA may provide the necessary support.

Other guidelines:

  • Each NFA member may submit up to three proposals, but each must be in a different category. For example, an applicant may submit one solo performance, one chamber performance, and one lecture, but not two solo performances and one lecture. Failure to abide by these specifications will result in disqualification of the additional proposals. Please note that it is common for only a portion of a proposal to be accepted.
  • Proposals submitted may not be commercial in nature.
  • You must be an NFA member to submit a proposal. Click here to join or renew your membership.
  • If you have date restrictions during the 2024 Convention (example: a chamber group that is only available Thurs-Fri), please make a note somewhere in your application. While the NFA will try to honor requests, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your requested date.

Any questions about the proposal submission process can be directed to the NFA Membership Manager Mily Harrod at


2024 Proposal Video Guide

For more information view the 2024 Convention Proposal Instructions PDF.

Online Convention Proposal Seminar        

This online seminar was held on September 14th, 2023. Past and current Program Chairs, joined by NFA Staff, talk through the proposal submission process and answer questions.