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Italy’s Man with the Golden Flute: Il Flauto d’oro

Below are audio examples cited in the article “Italy’s Man with the Golden Flute: Il Flauto d’oro” by John Bailey in the summer 2020 issue of The Flutist Quarterly.


Hear this historic recording of Gazzelloni performing the solo from Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloë under the direction of a young Claudio Abbado.


Gazzelloni plays on a 1968 recording of Vivaldi concertos, op. 10.


Listen to Gazzelloni speak to the audience and play the Donizetti Sonata


A recording from 1962 with pianist Aloys Kontarsky contains works by Evangelisti, (Proporzioni), Berio (Sequenza); Matsudaira (Somaksah), Castiglioni, (Gymel), Messiaen (Le merle noir), and Maderna (Honeyrêves).


Hear Gazzelloni play Bach’s celebrated Air as a rock anthem.


Gazzelloni plays a long introduction in a televised performance from 1983 with a guitarist and the Italian singer and actress Milvia. 



Posted July 14, 2020.
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