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The Spring 2021 Issue

In this issue:

The spring 2021 issue of The Flutist Quarterly travels outward and inward, geographically and metaphorically. The cover article, by Jonathan Borja, profiles Rubén Islas, who at 96 has been one of the leading figures in Mexico’s musical life for over half a century, bridging and expanding discography across continents. Disability advocate Katherine Lewis is author of a feature article—available in both visual and audio formats—describing flute modification options and challenging flutists to change their biases around adapting the instrument to fit their bodies. Erika Boysen travels down flutists’ throats for an in-depth look at how laryngeal vibrato is created. New Music Advisory Committee member Elise Blatchford’s article describes composer discoveries that she and a flutist in the Caribbean have made online together. Yi Xiang shares her often-painful journey to becoming the 2020 Young Artist Competition winner in her honest assessment of the year’s terrible events. The issue also includes tributes to people whose losses will be felt for a long time in the global community.

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Winter 2021 FQ Cover
Winter 2021
Issue: 46, Number 2
Fall 2020 FQ cover
Fall 2020
Issue: 46, Number 1
Summer 2020
Issue: 45, Number 4
FQ Spring 2020 cover
Spring 2020
Issue: 45, Number 3

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