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 We've launched an elegant, user-friendly reading experience: a dedicated Flutist Quarterly website. On the website, which replaces the flip book and comes at no additional cost to NFA members, you can focus on one article at a time, yet easily navigate at any time to related articles or other sections of the magazine. And while the format will look a little different, it's still the content you've come to know and love over the years: a curated variety of well researched scholarly articles by trusted comrades in the flute community. Click the button below to visit the site, using your NFA credentials to log in.

Summer 2021

The Summer 2022 Issue

In this issue:


Forging a life in the arts isn’t the easiest choice to make—especially these days—so Jacqueline Cordova-Arrington talks to three other flutists about one way to make things a little better: finding "the joy in waiting." And in anticipation of next month's 50th anniversary convention, we look at the many exciting events it will include, celebrate the Golden Anniversary Award recipients, share a few NFA member memories, and highlight more NFA commissions.

Katherine Saenger and Robert Dick look into the science behind the Pitch of the Plonk, debunking myths about tongue-ram acoustics. Erik Nugent and Robert Bigio give us a closer look at the instrument that inspired Verne Q. Powell’s famous Spoon Flute. Two members of the Performance Health Care Committee share their experience experimenting with flute weights to lessen performance-related pain. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee shares some of the work it’s been doing to manifest positive change. And as always, we have reviews, news, remembrances of those we’ve lost, and more.

Past Issues

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FQ Fall 2021 cover
Fall 2021
Issue: 47, Number 1
FQ Summer 2021 cover
Summer 2021
Issue: 46, Number 4
Spring 2021
Issue: 46, Number 3
Winter 2021 FQ Cover
Winter 2021
Issue: 46, Number 2
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The Flutist Quarterly, the flagship member publication of the National Flute Association, was founded more than four decades ago, dating back almost as far as the organization itself. Recognized throughout the international flute community for its quality and visual appeal, The Flutist Quarterly provides information and articles about the performance, study, history, manufacture, and enjoyment of flutes, flutists, and flute music. The magazine features articles written by leading flute performers, scholars, and teachers and news about developments and accomplishments in the NFA membership and flute community at large. Article topics range from breaking discoveries and new insights in research and methodologies to in-depth analyses of new works. Profiles of the world’s leading flutists and pedagogues, significant activities in communities from Boston to China and all points in-between, performance health insights, and developments in flute repair and manufacture are among topics explored in the magazine’s feature articles. Regular departments include reports on flute club activities, Annual NFA Convention news and updates, obituaries, international news, news from and about the NFA, announcements of new products, and reviews of new CDs, music, and books pertaining to flute.