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Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies

Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies

Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies is an online database containing repertoire and instructional materials for the flutesearchable by content type, level, instrumentation, and/or composerIt was developed to meet the needs of flute teachers with students ranging from beginners to graduate students. 

We hope this spreadsheet will help expand and diversify the repertoire used by flute teachers around the world. The pedagogy task force will continue to review repertoire submissions and will accept corrections through this form.

The Guide may not be reproduced, excerpted, or adapted in any form without permission in writing from the NFA. All content on this website is copyright-protected. Please contact Jennifer Clarke, Executive Director, at

An Introduction to Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies from the 2020 Pedagogy Task Force

In 2000, the NFA’s Pedagogy Committee put together the first version of what is now known as Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies: A Graded Guide, published in 2009. This guide provides a curriculum commensurate with national syllabus and examinations systems in the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries. The detailed grading system makes it a resource for discovering new pieces appropriate for students at very specific points in their development, important for teachers assigning a larger variety of repertoire than they’ve actually played themselves.

The 2009 edition includes the mission to select “the best instructional materials for the flute and the classification of these materials according to predetermined and progressively leveled criteria, useful for students from first notes through professional level training. . . At every turn we demanded that each work selected fulfill both criteria: that each work considered by us, from our daily experience in the studio, be the best of the available teaching materials and be a work which we genuinely love and use in our own teaching.”

There are four categories of graded materials: Selected Repertoire, Selected Etudes, Selected Methods, and Selected Daily Studies. The PDF of the 2009 guide can be found here.

In 2020, a task force was formed to update and diversify the 2009 guide. Drawing on substantial research as well as submissions from flutists, composers, and publishers around the world, our task force reviewed nearly 300 works for possible addition to the guide. While we can’t claim personal teaching experience with each of these pieces (as was the case in previous editions of this guide), we think these are quality works for the flute and have graded them according to the rubric previously established by the Pedagogy Committee. The resulting project is a Google sheet with pre-programmed filters.

All works included have been updated with more information, including composer birth and death dates, nationality, and self-identified race and ethnicity and LGTBQIA2S+ information. Approximate timings and recording links are included when available. Our goal of increasing composer diversity in this guide has been successful, though the work constantly reminded us how far we have to go for equity and inclusion, and future projects are in early planning stages.

In addition, we hope the smaller spreadsheets on subsequent tabs for specific subsets of composers and repertoire types will be useful to you in your programming.

Download this PDF for the guide to levels the NFA’s Pedagogy Committee uses for any work of this type.

If you have any corrections or would like to submit a new work for periodic review, please use this form. (If you have trouble accessing the form, contact

2020 Pedagogy Task Force
Rebecca Johnson, Chair
Carol Dale, Board Representative
Brian Allred
Mary Byrne
Jacqueline Cordova-Arrington
Brian Dunbar
Cassandra Eisenreich
Mariana Gariazzo
Leonard Garrison
Amy Hamilton
Jennifer Parker-Harley
Aliesha Phillips
Irene Pruzan
Nicole Riner


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